Boomers, Seniors and Super Seniors – You Deserve a Customized Approach to Exercise

Let’s Get Started – Come in for Your Free Assessment! 

Here’s how I help:  

  • Personal training for all levels including super seniors – customized to YOUR needs and goals
  • Small group classes – and I mean small – so I can make sure you’re exercising with correct form and focus to get results
  • If you desire, I’ll communicate with your Doctor, Physical Therapist, or other Health Care Provider to ensure safety and effectiveness. Don’t be afraid to go to your next appointment – your Dr will be proud of you!
  • Super Seniors – I’ll work with your caretakers and health care providers to keep them updated on your progress. With more strength you can stay in your home!
  • Evidence-based programs for active aging – even for those with serious medical conditions.

Why not get an assessment to see what level you are and learn how to exercise safely and effectively. This free session is 30 minutes and you’ll walk away with information to start your exercise program whenever you want at your pace. There’s no obligation and no sales pitch. I’ll even refer you to other programs or health and fitness centers which best suit your needs.

Call 774 313-0784 or e-mail me at Contact Me to schedule your assessment.



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