Get Some Rest to Get Strong!

Get Some Rest to Get Strong!

By far the best part of my job is seeing clients make the decision to get stronger and start taking action. They conquer their fears of exercising with arthritis, artificial hips, or whatever barriers they thought they had. Gradually, they feel more in control of their bodies and have more strength and endurance for day to day activities like spending time with their grandchildren and the fun stuff like travel.

With newfound vigor, they ask, “Betsy, this strength stuff is great; I can do it every day, right?” My response, in a word, is WRONG. Let me explain why we need to rest between strength workouts:

  • What Happens to Your Muscles – When we do strength exercises, we make microscopic tears in our muscles. It’s a great thing! It causes the body to create proteins and amino acids to repair them which makes them stronger (you should eat high quality protein very soon after strength exercising; more on that in the next newsletter). 

Side benefits youmight like: the hormones and proteins carried by the blood makes the skin suppler and muscles leaner. You’re more youthful looking and your clothes fit better!   

  • Muscle, Tissue and Bone Only Grow at Rest – You might think you’re building your biceps with every curl but it’s only at rest that muscles and other tissues repair and get stronger. Think of that slight soreness you may feel the next day as your body working to get you stronger.
  • Keep the Momentum Going – Cardiovascular exercise can be done every day including walking and dance classes. You can take gentle yoga and meditation classes. Doing some form of exercise everyday will help you to sleep better which gets those muscles stronger faster!

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