Take It Slow to Change Habits

Take It Slow To Make Lasting Changes  

Did you graduate from college in a year? Build your career over the summer? I didn’t think so. I’ll bet the major accomplishments of your life took time and progressive effort. You identified what you wanted and what you had to learn and do to accomplish your goals. You probably had a few “curves in the road” but with persistence you got to your destination.

It’s the same with developing healthier habits. As boomers and seniors, we’ve had time to develop habits that may not be serving us well.  Recent studies show our “primitive” brain takes over and we do most of our daily activities on autopilot. That’s not all bad, we wouldn’t want to have to learn how to drive every time we got in our cars!  But it also makes it difficult to make beneficial changes in many areas, including exercise.

We Have Habits, Why Not Make Them Good Ones?

Tony Schwartz and Jim Loehr wrote a book titled The Power of Full Engagement. They write about mobilizing four key sources of energy: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual and gradually increasing our capacity to exert self-control in those areas by creating specific rituals. 

We need to create rituals or habits to improve our health through exercise, diet, stress management, and rest. It doesn’t mean we have to be rigid in our habits but we do have to be specific and consistent. The great news is once we establish these habits they become automatic just like driving.

Why Not Create a New Exercise Habit?

Not only can creating a new exercise habit be great for your health but it can also be lots of fun. Contact us at BoomerFit Cape Cod and we’ll help you start YOUR new health ritual.

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