Ripen Gracefully As You Age With Resistance Training to…..Avoid the Rotten Alternative

As a golferbananas, I often have people tell me they get plenty of exercise when they walk the course so they don’t have to ‘work out’. While I encourage everyone to take walks, especially vigorous ones, for a myriad of benefits, there’s an avalanche of evidence confirming that adding resistance (strength) training will profoundly improve our health and quality of life as we age.

As we enter our forties, we stop building muscle and bone as when we were younger. We’re now at risk for sarcopenia, or loss of muscle mass. A review of dozens of studies of resistance training among those over 60 reached the conclusion that not only is cardiovascular exercise alone not enough to combat age related sarcopenia but adding resistance training provides a potent one-two punch to launch us into an active lifestyle into our nineties and beyond. As Dr Phillips, a physiologist at McMaster University who conducted many studies says, “Resistance training changes the dynamics of aging”.

But isn’t resistance training hard to do? I’ll give you that but there’s help out there! It’s true that you need guidance such as proper form to avoid injury and train effectively. One way is to take some personal training sessions from a trainer well versed in working with boomers. Another is to take group exercise classes specializing in strength.

If you want to start and you live in the Mid-Cape, why not see me for a complimentary assessment? I review your exercise and medical history and we talk about your specific goals for exercise and fitness. It’s completely confidential with no obligation.

I’m located within Cape Cod Health and Fitness in Dennis. Cape Cod Health and Fitness has several group classes for boomers – from Zumba to strength training for all levels. Click on the link below to contact me or stop by Cape Cod Health and Fitness at 305 Hokum Rock Rd, Dennis, MA to pick up a class schedule.

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