Get Your Fitness Benefit from Medicare Supplement Plans

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Does Your Healthcare Insurance Company Have a Fitness Benefit?

Whether your health insurance is through your employer, retirement benefit, or a Medicare Supplement Plan, you might be leaving money on the table. Most companies provide an annual benefit of $150 toward your gym membership or other ways to get healthier like community programs and personal training.

Several people have asked me how to access their fitness benefit from their Medicare supplement plan. I’ve provided an example from the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of MA Medicare supplement plan.

First, check to see if your plan has a fitness benefit. Click on the Medicare Supplement Plans 2016 link below to see if your plan has a fitness benefit (note: United Healthcare for AARP members does not):

Medicare Supplement Plans 2016

For Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare supplement plan, you can call them at 800 200-4255 or go to their website,

From the website, click on the Already a Member tab on the top right. The fourth paragraph is titled Savings and Discounts. Click on Fitness Benefits. Depending on which plan you have, click on the Fitness Benefit form. Print out the form.

The program is retroactive so you have to have already used the $150. For those of you who are members of Cape Cod Health and Fitness, that’s three months of membership. Ask the person at the front desk for a receipt. If you’ve had personal training with me, you can use the receipt I sent to you for payment or I’ll provide another one. Follow the instructions on the form to receive your $150 check.

Most plans have a similar process. The best bet is to call your plan but I’m happy to help you check online. It’s a little time investment but you’re already doing the best thing you can do for your health – exercise – so why not get paid for it?



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