Are you ready to reverse the effects of aging with evidence-based targeted exercise? Why not now?

Starting in January 2018 you can get 12 weeks of personalized training in a small group setting for $150* instead of the usual rate of $360 – that’s a savings of $210!

*Many Medicare supplement plans provide an annual fitness benefit of $150 so it’s essentially free to you!

The details:

  • Classes are small – no more than 5 in a group
  • Classes are held between 12 – 3 in Dennis, MA
  • Payments are made in full at the first session

The Program:


Foundation of Fitness – Small Group Training

This  12 week program, meeting twice a week for 30 minutes, is intended for boomers or seniors who haven’t exercised in awhile and want more strength, balance, and flexibility – who doesn’t!

Here’s how it works:

  • Pre-Program Assessment – You’ll complete several diagnostic tests to assess your fitness. The scores will be recorded for use in the Post-Assessment tests to measure improvement. The Pre-Assessment will also show specific areas needing more focus. Finally, the Pre-Assessment will identify YOUR goals for the program. For example, you may want to work on movement patterns to improve your golf swing.
  • It all starts with strength – you’ll be lifting weights on specific machines. Don’t worry, the entire program will be tailored to your present capability. You’ll start out slowly using weights you can handle.
  • Mobility Exercises – once a threshold of strength has been established and neuromuscular adaptation has occurred (your body and brain are working together), you’ll move on to ‘translational’ exercises to increase mobility, agility, balance, and power. They’re fun too!
  • Taper and Post Assessment  –   A crucial part of an exercise program is recovery. During the last sessions of the program, we decrease the intensity of the exercises to help your body adapt. During these sessions, you’ll have a post-assessment – conducting your pre-assessments to see your improvement.     


Principles of the Program

  • Specific and Functional – it’s tailored to your needs
  • Progression – it doesn’t work if you stay in the same place – the program is designed for your improvement which is mapped out for you in the materials
  • High Intensity – OK, not at first but you’ll build up intensity over time for increased mobility and power in daily life
  • Recovery – it’s often overlooked but we only get stronger when we give or body time to recover



Foundation of Fitness – Personal Training

For a personal experience rather than a group setting, you have the option of personal training. You can either do the Foundation of Fitness 12 week program at $420 or 6 sessions at $225.